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musebook singlenote is digital sheet music software for a Windows PC that allows you to store thousands of music books on your hard drive, allowing you to quickly find and display your music in various modes. Page turning is performed with a touch of the finger-switch or by pressing the wireless foot-pedal. You can annotate right on the music, as you would do on paper scores.

# Scenario 1
"Susan's new experience at a master class"

Susan is traveling to the other side of the world to participate in a master class with world renowned professors. In the past she had to prepare separate luggage for music books only, but today is a different story. With MuseBook SingleNote and Tablet PC (as light as 1.6Kg!), she was able to scan her entire set of sheet music into MuseBook SingleNote.

Susan created the music herself for this master class. The first professor she meets is Ms. Laurin, who kindly gives her detailed lessons and leaves careful notes on her music. With Laurin's acceptance of the music, and with annotations enabled, Susan is able to email today's lesson to her friend Amy by using the "Export to a new mcf file" in SingleNote. Amy received the MCF score files from Susan and opened them in SingleNote. Although Amy didn't make it to the master classes, she feels she had a meaningful lesson with Ms. Laurin.

On the second day, Susan has a class with Mr. Alfred with the same music she studied yesterday. Susan kept a clean copy of the original score for today's lesson as she saved it in another MCF file. After two valuable lessons using MuseBook SingleNote, Susan feels more confident about the music than ever.

# Scenario 2
Jason plays the guitar at a jazz bar using MuseBook SingleNote. Since he can turn pages using a foot-pedal, Jason can play many songs without any interruptions. When people make request, Jason can search the music in SingleNote more quickly and efficiently than with paper scores. With his flawless performance using MuseBook SingleNote, the audience responds with loud applause; everybody in the jazz bar loves to hear Jason play!



Requirements are following:
  • Computer : Pentium® III or higher, Windows® XP / 2000 (Tablet PC is recommended.)
  • Memory : 256MB or more (512MB is recommended)
  • HDD : 100MB or more (10GB or more is recommended)
  • Score : Scanned image (JPG, GIF, BMP, etc)
  • USB Interface : USB 1.1 or 2.0

musebook singlenote running on a tablet pc

musebook singlenote running on a laptop pc

musebook singlenote running on a desktop pc


Store thousands of books on your PC

Store, arrange, categorize and group scores in a virtual bookcase. You can easily edit book content and score information.

View a score

MuseBook SingleNote provides various score viewing options. You can view music in portrait, landscape, or in two-pages mode. Select a thumbnail image captured from a score or movement and it will appear in the Book Contents for easy look-up.
  • View a music in portrait, landscape, or in two-pages
  • Display a music fit to page / page-height / page-width / window, in full screen, or in original score size.

Turn pages easily and quickly (MuseBook FP-31)

MuseBook FP-31 consists of a USB finger-switch and a wireless foot-pedal.

Turn pages by merely touching the finger-switch or pressing the foot-pedal. Use the wireless foot-pedal when you play an instrument that uses both hands, without pausing the performance.

Annotate in your own handwriting

Use a stylus pen or a mouse to make annotations in your own handwriting, just like you do on paper scores.

Create a score

Scan your paper scores and create digital sheet music. MuseBook SingleNote reads scanned images from your TWAIN scanner or imports such image files as jpg, gif, bmp, png, etc.; and creates MCF (MuseBook Concert series File) score files. You can share the MCF score files with other users* of MuseBook Concert series products. (You may only send and receive scores that are in the public domain.)
  • Create digital sheet music by importing score image files or scanning the music.
  • Add / delete score image
  • Edit a score image
  • Copy or cut selected areas and paste into a desired place
  • Write / delete notes, etc.


MuseBook SingleNote Package Box

MuseBook SingleNote Software CD

MuseBook SingleNote Manual

MuseBook FP-31 (USB finger-switch & wireless foot-pedal)


MuseBook FP-31 consists of a USB finger-switch and a wireless foot-pedal.
Turn pages easily and quickly using MuseBook FP-31.

Turn pages using a finger-switch

There are 3 buttons in finger-switch: up, down and main.
  • Up button: goes to previous page.
  • Down button: goes to next page.
  • Main button: goes to next page in pre-defined page sequence. You can decide the page-moving sequence depending on whether you would like repeats or not.

Turn pages using a foot-pedal

You can turn pages by gently pressing the foot-pedal with your feet. Foot-pedal comes in handy when you play an instrument that uses both hands. (e.g. keyboard instrument like piano and organ; string instrument like guitar and cello; and wind instrument like trumpet and flute, etc.)


Score format

MCF (MuseBook Concert series Format) is the score file format of digital sheet music used for MuseBook Concert series product.

MCF score files can be used with any MuseBook Concert series products. Use "Import / Export to an MCF file" feature to share the MCF score files with other users* of MuseBook Concert series product. (You may only send and receive scores that are in the public domain.)


Video Manual


Where to buy

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