MuseBook FP-31 consists of a USB finger-switch and a wireless foot-pedal.
Turn pages easily and quickly using MuseBook FP-31.

Turn pages using a finger-switch

There are 3 buttons in finger-switch: up, down and main.
  • Up button: goes to previous page.
  • Down button: goes to next page.
  • Main button: goes to next page in pre-defined page sequence. You can decide the page-moving sequence depending on whether you would like repeats or not.

Turn pages using a foot-pedal

You can turn pages by gently pressing the foot-pedal with your feet. Foot-pedal comes in handy when you play an instrument that uses both hands. (e.g. keyboard instrument like piano and organ; string instrument like guitar and cello; and wind instrument like trumpet and flute, etc.)


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